Homemade fresh cheese with pickled vegetables, buttermilk bread   135 CZK

Smoked pork tongue, black horseradish, apples, poppy seed bread   155 CZK

Beef tartare, cornishon, dried egg yolk   195 CZK

With wine

Moravian board, (sausages and cheeses)   455 CZK

Fermented potato chips, chive cream   115 CZK


Chicken broth, chicken meat, vegetables, noodles   89 CZK

Daily offer   89 CZK

Main dish

Grilled trout fillet, cauliflower, dill sauce   335 CZK

Rolled chicken in smoky paprika sauce, butter spaetzle   269 CZK 

Fried pork schnitzel, potato salad   245 CZK

Pork shoulder, dark beer, celery puree, cracklings, vegetables   265 CZK

Fried veal liver, buttermilk puree, pickled beetroot and shallot   229 CZK

Duck confit, caramelized red cabbage, potato dumplings, rosehip sauce   435 CZK

Deer loin with creamy sauce, gingerbread dumpling,pickled wild cranberries   335 CZK

Oyster mushroom ragout, sour dough dumplings with marjoram   229 CZK


Semolina porridge, marinated dried fruits, buttery crumbles   125 CZK

Our Apple Strudel   145 CZK