Wine Salon – an exposition of the nation’s finest one hundred wines, located in the cellars of Valtice State Castle.

Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is the nation’s pre-eminent wine competition, and marks the final round of the Bohemian and Moravian system of nominating competitions. Every year, the best wines with the title ‘Champion’, ‘Category Winner’, and ‘Best Collection’ are selected as part of the competition. The competition’s one hundred best wines are awarded the gold medal of the Czech Wine Salon. The competition is followed by year-round public wine tasting at the Wine Salon – an exhibition of the best one hundred wines, located in the cellars of Valtice State Castle.

Visit the tasting exposition of the Wine Salon at Valtice Castle and sample our finest wines!

Once the Wine Salon collection has been picked, these wines are purchased in the quantities specified in the statute and stored in the cellars of the National Wine Centre. Here they are available to the public, who have the opportunity to taste any of the stored wines. The wines in this exclusive wine salon are designated to educate visitors about wine and promote and support our wineries by giving the general public, including foreign visitors, the opportunity to taste our best wines in one place (and in magnificent surroundings), while learning all essential information about each wine and the winemakers whose wines are represented in the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic.

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